T-Safe Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How does T-Safe Work?
    Answer:When any software saves a file, it gives saving instructions to OS and OS does saving. It is at this stage that T-SAFE encryption driver encrypts the files.Similarly when any program tries the read the file OS does reading. T-Safe encryption driver ensures that specified program gets normal file when it reads encrypted file.It also ensures that there is no chance of having a normal file on the disc.
  2. Can T-Safe work without dongle?
    Answer:No!  And Yes!No, because if you purchase dongle based security, it will always work with dongle.
    Yes, because we can develop security based on machine ID or any other security device.
  3. How safe is data protected with T-Safe?
    Answer: Very Safe.
    T-Safe 2.0 is now available with AES 256 bit encryption.
  4. What if Dongle is lost?
    Answer: The encryption keys inside the dongle are decided by you. Dongles are created by you(vendor) using those keys. As long as you have securely saved those keys you can create new dongles.
  5. Can a single Dongle be used in multiple systems?
    Answer:Yes. But the software will work on the system where dongle is currently attached.
  6. Can we change encryption keys inside dongle?
    You normally create two types of dongles: Master Dongle and User dongle.
    Master Dongle is used to encrypt existing files and decrypt the files as well.
    User Dongle is given to file users who are not authorized to decrypt the files.
    Encryption keys inside the Master Dongle can be changed any time.
    User Dongle can be converted to master (and vise-versa)if you know the original encryption keys.
  7. Can we use multiple dongles on one system?
    Answer: No.Not at the same time. But one at a time can be used.
  8. Will it work when it is connected to a Server in the network?
    Answer: Network is not supported, the encryption / decryption is done at local machine level only. Hence you need to connect dongle on each machine in the network.
  9. If the software is uninstalled does the data get erased?
  10. What are the customizations available?
    Answer: We develop custom solutions as per customer requirement.