T-Safe File Protection For BluffTitler Show

T-Safe Dongle based Protection for BluffTitler Show

T-Safe141T-Safe Software is designed to help distribution of editable files which needs to be protected against unauthorized copying.

T-Safe Software has two distinct modules. One is suitable for vendors who wants to distribute files and other is suitable for end users (or customer of vendors) to allow them to read, edit or use the files.


Available for Windows XP, Windows 7 32 bit,Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8 

Certification: FCC_logo CE_logo RoHS_logo

How it works:

The Vendor (who wants to distribute files) uses vendor tools to protect (encrypt) BluffTitler Show and / or other relevant files like sound, video, images, std, effects etc and distribute it along with user tools or project access tools.

The end user or customer who is authorized to uses the files uses supplied T-Safe Dongle and end user software modules to use the files.

The end user should open BluffTitler using Dongle Protected shortcut to run encrypted files. The files will not open otherwise.

Vendor tools and project access tools are designed specific to BluffTitler Editing software and supporting applications. The encrypted project files can be open in BluffTitler software application only.

T-Safe kits are available for Adobe Premiere ProAdobe After EffectsEdius (Canopus), Adobe PhotoShopPinnacle Studio and can be developed for any desired software within 48 working hours.

T-Safe Kit:

Vendor Tools:

senselock_clave2_usd_dongle-150x102The T-Safe Vendor Tool Kit consists of following:

1. T-Safe Driver Installer

2. T-Safe Dongle Update Tool

3. T-Safe Project Creator

4. T-Safe Vendor Tool

5. T-Safe Project Creator

End User Tools:

The T-Safe End User Tool Kit consists of following:

1. T-Safe Driver Installer

2. T-Safe Project Access Tool

3. T-Safe Project Creator

1. T-Safe Driver Installer

T-Safe software requires driver. The driver is available for x86 (32 bit system), x64 (AMD and Intel 64 bit system) and IA64 (Intel Itanium 64 bit system). Before using any T-safe application you should install T-Safe driver.
Driver is required for vendor tools and well as end user tools.

2. T-Safe Dongle Update Tool

This will allow you to update two important encryption keys inside the dongle. Write down your keys and save them at a safe place because if anyone gets hold of the keys he will be able to prepare a duplicate dongle.
This tool also allows you to write protect the dongle as well as stop vendor tools to work on the dongle. These aspects adds additional safety layer to your file distribution.
Once should always write protect and stop vendor tools on dongles. Stopping vendor tools also write protects the dongles but doing both is better option.
This tool is useful only for vendors.

3. T-Safe Project Creator

Before files are encrypted, T-Safe BluffTitler project is created. The T-Safe BluffTitler Show holds important information about encryption keys, BluffTitler software application to allow viewing files and lot more.
The protected shortcut can be placed in the installation directory of the BluffTitler Software. This tool is also available in T-Safe BluffTitler end user tool kit so that end users can change the location of the program instead of placing protected shortcut in installation directory, if required. For example installation path of BluffTitler will be different in 32 bit and 64 bit environment. End user can change the path of the software.

4. T-Safe BluffTitler Vendor Tool

T-Safe BluffTitler vendor tool allows you to encrypt files. Encryption should be done using the interface provided in the tool though drag and drop in selected folder will also work.

5. T-Safe BluffTitler Project Access Tool

This should be installed on end user system along with T-Safe driver. This is a background application and do not require user interaction.
This helps run BluffTitler Software using protected shortcut.


 T-Safe kit for BluffTitler Show files Version 3.3.1 
 SDK 3.3.1 {wpdm_category=t-safe-bluff-titler}

Help Files:

T-Safe Vendor Encryption Tool ACP_PDF 2_file_document
T-Safe Dongle Update ACP_PDF 2_file_document
T-Safe Project Creator ACP_PDF 2_file_document

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Warranty 1 year
Payment Terms 100% advance
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Note: Courier free for order above 10 pieces

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