Sharing and synchronizing the encrypted Drive in a file on Google Drive

Firstly go through the article ACP_PDF 2_file_documentHow to share confidential data using Go-Safe Drive. for better understanding.

With Google drive desktop application users can synchronize the file and at the same time mount it as a drive locally and use it like any other physical drive (flash drive / pen drive).

gosafe drive example

Google drive in taskbar

  • Default Google Drive synchronization folder is C:\Users\{UserName}\Google Drive\.
  • Now open GoSafe Drive Software.

add hidden drives

  • Enter password >> Add GoSafe Drive {1/2/3}  >> Create the file in Google Drive folder C:\Users\{UserName}\Google Drive\.

select Google Drive folder

  • Click on Open>> Select Group>> Enter the Display Name >>  Enter Storage Size >> OK.
  • Select the drive letter.
  • Now the file will mount as a drive in your My computer. Open the drive and add your confidential data to it. Close the drive as shown below.

Eject the drive

  • Once you close the drive, file will be synchronized to your online Google Drive account in My Drive folder automatically, and success message will be displayed in the taskbar.

synch complete message in taskbar


synched file in my drive folder in online google drive



  • Share the file to your group members.
  • Only My Drive folder is synched with your desktop so ask your group members to drag and drop the file from “Shared with me” folder to My Drive folder.

drag and drop to Shared with Me folder

  • The file will be synched to their desktop in Google Drive folder in C:\users\{User Name}\Google Drive.
  • All shared users can mount the file as DRIVE using GoSafe Dongle having same key.

you can also download the help file from the link below.


GoSafe Drive help file ACP_PDF 2_file_document