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Privacy of information in a huge concern considering the fact we pckii logoshare on computer and laptop with our family members and also allow our staff to use the same system.

The person using our system and accidently delete important and confidential information or even leak the same.
PCKii is a data security software which helps you protect your files and other important data. PCKii creates hidden drives [called Safe] and you can use these hidden drives like a normal drive when PCKii dongle is attached. The drives are not visible when PCKii dongle is removed.
PCKii can create hidden drives on any media like Hard Disc, Portable Disc, Pen Drive etc. You can create any number of hidden drives and additionally protect them with a password. You can protect any type of information stored in your computer and portable storage devices, including: customer data, company records, contracts, financial files, technical documents, personal bank account information, instant messaging history, gaming account information, and personal pictures or videos.
You can even install software on the hidden drive and that will work only if PCKii dongle is attached.
Available for Windows  windows_logo

Certification: FCC_logo CE_logo RoHS_logo

pckiiexamplePCKii Features:

  1. Dual protection: PCKii dongle and password.
  2. Easy usage and fast installation.
  3. Safe from hackers and viruses by blocking their access when the PCKii dongle is unplugged.
    High adaptability: Suitable for desktops, laptops, USB flash drives, and external hard drives.
  4. Flexible usage: One PCKii software on multiple computers or one computer having multiple PCKiis.
  5. Multiple functions: File compression with encryption capability, and file shredding capability.
  6. With the PCKii software, you can easily create a virtual safe or safes to hold your important files and private information, in exactly the same way as regular portable hard disks do.
  7. PCKii dongle is the only key to opening the safe(s): When the PCKii dongle is inserted into a USB port of your computer, the safe(s) will show up, and the protected files/folders are decrypted automatically; when the PCKii dongle is unplugged from the computer, the safe(s) will disappear, and the protected files/folders are automatically encrypted.
  8. Without the PCKii dongle, information stored in the virtual safe(s) cannot be accessed, even if the devices holding the data, such as the computers hard disks, portable hard disks, or flash drives, are lost, stolen, or under repair.
Who can use PCKii
  1. Those who share Computer / Laptop with others
    If you share your system with others in office or at home, PCKii is good product for you to keep your documents safe. It can prevent accidental deletion and also keep your files private and confidential.
  2. Accounts People
    Accounts people maintain multi records and need privacy / confidentiality. PCKii virtual drive provides the best option. You can even install your favorite accounting software in virtual drive.
  3.  Research Scholars and Students
    Students keep project and research information on college computers and PCKii can provide them option to keep the files safe and secured.

Download :

PCKii_en.zip download


 Version INR [discounted] USD
 PCKii Executive Rs. 4555/- USD 82/-
 PCKii Mini Not Available USD 118/-
 PCKii Standard Not Available USD 154/-
Warranty 1 year
Payment Terms 100% advance
Shipment Next Working Day
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For license Keys contact your nearest computer software vendor or write to us.


 PCKii Mini version PCKii Standard version PCKii Executive version
 200952518112143  2009320174512191  oie_transparent
Numbers of virtual safes: unlimited
Capacity of virtual safes: unlimited
Additional USB storage: 4GB
Numbers of virtual safes: unlimited
Capacity of virtual safes:  unlimited
Additional USB storage: 8GB
Numbers of virtual safes: unlimited
Capacity of virtual safes: unlimited