One Time Password(OTP)

Time based One-Time-Password Authentication Token

Suitable for server login, remote desktop login and internet based business. Ready to use customizable support applications are available.


  • High Flexibility to Customize

Supports second development to authentication system.
OTP digits and Time interval customizable.

  • Easy to Use

Enter one-time-password to get authentication.

  • Long Product Lifetime

Battery powered. Can be used for  5 years.

  • High Performance Hardware

Moisture-proof, water-proof, shock-proof

Technical Specification:

Casing ABS Engineering Plastic
Dimension 51 x 25.8 x 9.2 mm
Operating Temperature 10 to 50 degree Celcius
Operating Moiture up to 90% moisture proof
Drop Resistance at Least one meter
Signal Radiation Compliance with EN 55022
Battery Lifetime 5 Years
Encryption Algorithm OATH
Time Interval 60 sec (Customizable)
OTP Length Customizable 6 or 8 digit
Other Physical Features No effect of Electromagnetic radiation, magnet or UV Radiation

Operating Systems Supported:

Windows [All Versions of Servers]

Ask for Linux and Mac OS

Programming Language Supported:

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