Net (Online) Activation for Software and Files

Net (Online) Activation for Software and Files using Machine ID

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Innovative Matrix Softech Pvt Ltd’s Net (Online) Activator is a low cost affordable solution for Software Licencing and Protection. It does not require you to change the source code and envelopes your program inside the protector. The system uses two level of encryption usig MD5 and SHA1 with custom Salt fore very customer.

The use is simple and price is affordable.

How it works

  • First step is to open an account with us and purchase Registration Keys.
  • You will get a customized management tool to distribute Registration keys to your customer along with a encryption software.
  • Now you simply need to protect your software/files using encryption tool.
  • Email license key to your customers using the management Tool given to you.


  1. Easy to use. No change in code. No programming
  2. You can protect any program irrespective of programming language used.
  3. You can even protect PDF, PowerPoint, EXCEL, Videos, Music Files etc.


Your first order should be 1000 keys and their after multiple of 100.

Price USD 4 / Rs. 300per Key.

We can also provide you activation website with your own URL.

2-Step Process for Software Licensing with Net Activation:

  • [STEP 1] At Vendor End
    • Use our Encryptor to protect your application or files. Help PDF is available in installer.
    • Distribute your software (or files) with our launcher software.
    • send License keys to the customer using the customized management Tool given to you.
      Management Tool











  • [STEP 2] At User End
    • When end user runs your application for the first time, he will be asked to register.
    • User can register only when he enter a valid combination of Email Id and License key.Registration window
    • Contact details will b e customized and will be replaced with your details.
    • User can now use your software or files.


for trial key contact at mail @ ||| support @

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