iBinder Envelope with CopyLock USB Dongle

iBinderLogo ibinderiBinder envelopes with CopyLock USB Dongle allows to combines multiple files into a single EXE making it easy to distribute . This enveloping technique can also be used to protect applications for which developers do not have source code or do not want to change the source code.

You will be able to create a single EXE which will not require any installation if you include all dependencies.

We present you a ENVELOPE based solution to protect your application on click of a button with CopyLock USB Dongle.

Available for Windows  windows_logo

Certification: FCC_logo CE_logo RoHS_logo

How it works:

1. First prepare a CopyLock USB Dongle using your keys and passwords.

2. Create protected EXE using main EXE and other dependencies and CopyLock USB Dongle parameters like password, key values and other information needed by enveloper.

3. Distribute protected exe along with CopyLock USB Dongle. You can additionally create a installer using protected EXE.

Possible uses of iBinder Envelope:

iBinder Envelope with CopyLock USB Dongle allows binding multiple files in to a single executable. The new enveloped executable is a binary file and it is very difficult to reverse engineer the file.

Normally when you use a iBinder Envelope, you use a DLL to verify authorization key from the CopyLock USB Dongle.

iBinder Envelopes with CopyLock USB Dongle can be used for one or more of following:

  • Bind main program and DLL™s together
  • Bind main program and its data file.
  • Run legacy software on advanced OS [for example a VB6 application on Vista and Win 7] by creating a single file which will not need installation
  • Prevent reverse engineering of software
  • Protect software with dongles / USB key or any other security tool.


iBinder Envelope with CopyLock USB Dongle
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See Demo:

iBinder Envelope with CopyLock USB Dongle


iBinder Envelope with CopyLock
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