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Privacy of information in a huge concern considering the fact that is has become easy to hack your email accounts, bank accounts and trespass your corporate computer network.
Business competitors have become business rivals and hack in to your electronic gosafe drive imagecommunication and storage systems to know the details of the tenders and other commercial transactions you are planning or entering into. Most small and medium scale companies use Gmail or other public email networks which are vulnerable to hacking.
GoSafe Drive is designed for secure sharing of information considered to be known only to few people within the organization (Closed User Groups).
GoSafe Drive as also be used to protect personal data, financial data and other privacy related informations.
GoSafe Drive works as a normal drive and you can even install your accounting software in it made keep all accounting data in a music or video file.

You can protect any type of information stored in your computer and portable storage devices, including: customer data, company records, contracts, financial files, technical documents, personal bank account information, instant messaging history, gaming account information, and personal pictures or videos.

You can even install a software on the drive and that will work only if GoSafe Drive dongle is attached.

Available for Windowswindows_logo Mac  Linux

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pckiiexampleGoSafe Drive Features:

  • GoSafe Drive is a virtual drive in the form of a FILE which can be mounted as a drive on your system.
  • This drive FILE can be sent over email, flash drives or Google Drive.
  • With Google drive desktop application uses can synchronize the file and at the same time mount it as a drive locally and use it like any other physical drive (flash drive / pen drive).
  • The file can have extension of your choice like .mp3, mp4 and hence unknown person will see it as music or video file creating security by virtue of disguise.
    The FILE is AES 256 encrypted. Considering the fact that banking systems use AES 128, this is indeed a better secured option.
  • GoSafe DRIVE allows three keys each of 100 character length in each dongle. Each dongle can share independent data in three groups on the condition that one of key in the dongle of user in the group is same, the remaining two keys can be used for other two groups.
  • Multiple authorized users in a group can edit the data in the drive.
    The dongle is password protected eliminating possibility of misuse in case of theft or loss.
  • Virtual drive is mounted as a drive in windows and as a folder in mac-os and linux.


Who can use GoSafe
  1. Those who share Computer / Laptop with others
    If you share your system with others in office or at home, GoSafe Drive is good product for you to keep your documents safe. It can prevent accidental deletion and also keep your files private and confidential.
  2. Business Owners and Top Management
    To ensure that privacy required for tendering is maintained and still information is shared in a small group, GoSafe Drive is good solution for business owners and top management.
  3. Accounts People
    Accounts people maintain multi records and need privacy / confidentiality. GoSafe Drive provides the best option. You can even install your favorite accounting software in virtual drive.
  4. Users of Public Cloud
    Public clouds such as Google, iCloud , Drop Box etc are not secured as required by business users. There are evidences that these systems have been hacked quite frequently GoSafe Drive can safeguard your data stored on or shared via public clouds.
For operation of Go-Safe Drive : Click Here
For Secure sharing of data on Google Drive using GoSafe Drive  :  Click Here


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