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Now-a-days security of digital data has become a major issue in this hackable computer society. People want to make quick money and can robe you of your valuable digital data.
The data could be more valuable than your physical assets like land and building. It is imperative to protect this valuable asset more than any other type of asset.GoSafe_Poster_p
GoSafe provides best in class security for digital data. It is designed to secure digital contents like audio, video, word, excel, PowerPoint files and engineering / architectural designs made in Autocad or SolidWords.
GoSafe is suitable for safety of digital content on personal as well as corporate systems. It uses strong AES 128 encryption which is same as used by banks and other high security requirement applications.


GoSafe includes three applications

  1. GoSafe Encryption Service (Safety of digital contents)
  2. Secured Windows Login (Securing hardware access)
  3. Secured web login (Safety of online passwords)

GoSafe Encryption Service:

  • GoSafe Encryption Service can be used to control application specific permissions for the users for applications such as to Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe Reader, VLC player, Outlook, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Cadian QuarkXpress.
  • Administrator can allow rights to use the software, use as normal or with file encryption. File decryption rights can be assigned to users.
  • Files will get encrypted while being saved by these software.
  • Permissions and other settings are stored in the dongles making sure that no one can change them as dongles are password protected.
  • For AES 128 encryption you need about 23 character long password. In GoSafe password is 200 characters long.
  • GoSafe dongles has second password for users to ensure that only user can use the dongle and prevents undesired use in case of loss of dongle.
  • Dongle use can be defined as needed only in starting the system or making mandatory by locking screen.
  • Files will remain encrypted and safe even if copied to external media. Files cannot be sent as email attachment either. Even rename is not allowed.

Secured Windows Login:

  • Protects Windows log-in with GoSafe USB Dongle.
  • Prevents unauthorized login.
  • Dongle login is safer than password which can be recorded in a CCTV camera (if mounted nearby strategically).
  • Dongle login is safer than Finger Print which can be extracted from your Coffee cups or water bottles and misused in no time.

Secured Web Login:

  • GoSafe comes with GoSafe Web Browser which provides secured login to facebook, twitter, gmail, linkedIn and live accounts.
  • Specially designed for students who work on collage systems monitored by CCTV giving vulnerability as passwords can be seen from CCTV recordings and misused.
Who can use GoSafe
  1. Training Institutes
    Training videos and other training material can be protected from theft.
  2. Educational Content Developers
    Content can be protected by encrypting them while developed. The files saved  by software will be encrypted making sure that if developer takes the files away, they are garbage.
  3. Architects and Interior Designers
    AutoCad, Solid Works and other files will remain encrypted and secured while drawings are being designed. It is possible to share encrypted and secured file with expiry date with the customer or other stack holders.
  4. Small and Medium Companies
    Small and medium companies requiring protection of digital data. Protecting files from being sent on email. Protecting un-authorized copying/distribution of files. GoSafe is suitable for all types of businesses (Including IT companies).


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